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IT Fleet Visibility

Protect your mobile IT assets and monitor compliance from a unified dashboard. Set custom security policies and address incidents efficiently with automation and remote actions.
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“Senturo gives us the peace of mind that our Chromebooks and Windows laptops are secure in our district. Its very K-12 friendly with a host of useful features and the Google Admin Console integration is a real bonus making account set up and maintenance a breeze”

Sweet Home School District

“Senturo is super easy to use, very accurate and is already paying for itself in recovered devices. An essential purchase to optimize your IT fleet visibility as well as get your device attrition and recovery rates in order.”

Catoosa Public Schools

“Senturo has been a great resource for extremely accurate tracking of our assets.”

Pleasant Grove ISD
Mobile Fleet Management

Manage Effortlessy.

Simplify expansive multi-OS fleet management with an integrated and intuitive platform.
Organizations often grapple with time-consuming device management, security vulnerabilities, and fragmented solutions. Enforcing policies, data privacy, and fleet coordination can pose significant challenges. Senturo offers a cross-platform, efficient approach to mobile inventory management, with simplified enrollment and all the necessary features to streamline your operations.
inventory management
Inventory Management
Total visibility powered by built-in flexibility: choose how you view, message and manage your fleet.
custome search filters
Custom Search Filters
Organize and categorize your devices effortlessly using custom groups and personalized filters.
enrollment & intergration
Enrollment & Integrations
Enroll devices fast, and set up no-hassle integration with leading MDMs seamlessly.
loan management
Loan Management
Manage and track device loans to improve user accountability and punctual device return.
Policies & Automation

Automate Compliance.

Streamline security policy management and eliminate compliance gaps with ease.
Ensuring consistent security policies across a large device fleet is time-consuming and error-prone, leading to vulnerabilities, compliance challenges, and delays.
Senturo's security automation simplifies policy management by automating enforcement and compliance, ensuring consistent adherence to security standards across your fleet.
inventory management
Location Tracking & Geofencing
Enhance security by creating bespoke safe zones and track any device with pinpoint accuracy.
inventory management
Usage & Security Policies
Keep data and devices safe with security policies that regulate device usage and network access.
inventory management
Security Automation
Set up security policies to monitor non-compliance and automate actions based on threat level.
inventory management
Privacy & Security Settings
Align privacy and security settings to your organization’s policies and regulatory frameworks.
Security Monitoring

Maintain Full Visibility.

Monitor your entire IT fleet security posture in real-time and demonstrate audit readiness.
Limited insights into device activity, network vulnerabilities, and potential threats hinder proactive security measures. Manual monitoring processes and disparate data sources lead to inefficiencies, making it difficult to maintain compliance and respond swiftly to emerging risks.

Senturo's security monitoring provides comprehensive, real-time visibility into your security environment, empowering proactive threat detection and ensuring audit readiness.
inventory management
Monitoring Dashboard
Get real-time 24/7 visibility of your fleet location as well as security and performance status.
inventory management
Device Security Reports
Gain detailed understanding of fleet security to device level, with customizable reports.
inventory management
Admin Activity Logs
Keep admins accountable and activities fully transparent using detailed activity logs.
inventory management
Data Retention
Maintain data records securely for as long as you need, for audit and compliance regulations.
Incident Response

Improve Readiness.

Address incidents quickly to mitigate disruptions, compromised security, and financial losses.
In today's interconnected digital landscape, it is essential for organizations to leverage incident response tools to quickly diagnose issues, efficiently recover missing assets, remotely secure their data, and effectively convey important information to end users.

Senturo's flexible incident response capabilities allow you to analyze issues, safeguard your data and devices, boost asset recovery success and communicate effectively across your entire fleet.
inventory management
Deploy a variety of tools to diagnose, triage and resolve security incidents swiftly.
inventory management
Remote Security Actions
Keep devices and data safe by locking screens or wiping data direct from your dashboard.
inventory management
Missing Mode
Track down missing devices, as well as gather crucial evidence for investigation and device recovery.
inventory management
Mass Notifications
Send one-way customizable reminders or alerts to one, some or all of your fleet’s devices.

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